An overview of who I am

Let me tell you who I am

I am 25 years old, currently studying Bsc Web development. I have an AP degree in multimedia. In my sparetime I like to read, currently reading books about cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

How can this benefit you?

Because of my passion for web development, I see myself as a very good asset. You can also visit my about page here. You are more than welcome to contact me if you want know more, or you can find me on linkedin .

I'm posting something on github from time to time. I am very passionate about web development and I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have.

It is a picture of niclas andersen, who manages this website

Solution oriented Teamplayer


General programming


Proficient in English & Danish


Network knowledge

Describing myself

Trustworthy and reliable .NET developer, with a main focus on implementing secure features in the modern world applications.

Digital Warrior

I've started an overhaul of my online presence, which meant a redesign of this website as part of my portefolio. You can read more about my values here. I know that websites need a little something for the user, so I've made section for tips & tricks, that contains some of my experiences, good, bad & funny ones. You can find it here

Currently projects

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